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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Easy Last Minute Game ideas for Classroom Valentine's Party

I am in charge of the Valentine's Day classroom activities in my daughters kindergarten class.
Thanks to some ideas that I found on Pinterest, I was able to put together a couple of fun games and activities for the kids.

Pin the lips on the teacher:
found this idea HERE as well as the lip printable.
I decided to put the teacher's faces on a poster and then laminated it.
One side has a girl teacher, 
 the other side has a guy teacher.  

Cupid's Arrow Practice:
 found this idea HERE.
I changed it up a bit by making a poster with three different sized heart cutouts that the kids can shoot the arrows (Q-tips) threw. You simply put a q-tip in a straw and have the kids blow on the end of the straw and the q-tip shoots out.

Color your Mustache/Lips: Class Photo Idea
with lips and mustaches being so popular right now I thought this would be fun for the kids.  I drew up lips and mustaches and copied them onto white card stock.  Each kid can color and cut out their shapes and tape them to a straw.  I plan to take a whole class picture with the students and the teacher in these.  It's also a fun take home project for them too.

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