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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family Reunion....keepsake

Do you need a fast and easy idea for an upcoming Family Reunion?? Well, I have busily ( is that even a word?) getting ready for one that will happen next week and here is what I am doing.

I call them: What I love about you.... books...... just a small token that is gender friendly.

First, I hit the jack pot the other day when I found a ton of mini chip board books. For .25 cents a book and in the size I was looking for made this very affordable! The pages of these books will make the "cover" for the new books.

Here is what you need: Plus some kind of adhesive, either spray or mod podge.

Follow these instructions here to get your covers ready.

For the pages of the new book I used blank index cards, cut them right in half and punched a whole at the top.

Using fabric scraps, I cut them into small pieces to be used to tie onto the ring of the book. This just ads a nice look without being to "girly" for the boys in the family :)

Here is one put together. I only have one done because everyone is going to make themselves a book at the reunion. We will sit in a circle and everyone will have a chance to write why they love that person on a piece of index card. When everyone has filled one out for each member of the family, we will get the pile that was written for ourselves and we will put our books together with all those fun reasons why we are loved so much by those who know us best....our family :) So each person will have a book about them and a fun token to take back home from the reunion.

Now......I am off to get even more things ready for the up coming reunion!!

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The Gosfam said...

I love this idea. My family reunion is in a week. I will have to see what I can get done.

Rowberry Family said...

Those are soo fun! I cant wait to be able to use them! So Glad that Iam in the family :)

michellejohnnie said...

Fun family reunion idea! Too bad that my family only has a reunion every 5 years and that they are all a bunch of crazy people that come!

Diane said...

LOVE this idea! I definitely want to remember this! :)