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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reversible Sewing Machine Cover...

My poor over worked sewing machine needed a makeover!! Here is some simple hints on how to make a very simple, yet very fun reversible cover.

Measure your machine.

Mine was 17" in length AND
29" from the bottom of the front, up and over and down the back side to the other bottom.

SO I simply cut 2 pieces of fabric 18" x 30". I made two tying straps 14" long (blue fabric in picture, you could even use ribbon) and one short strap 4" long (in the same fabric as the cover, or just use ribbon). You can choose how wide you like your straps, depends on what you like, mine where 1" finished.

Simply put wrong sides together of your square pieces, insert your already made straps to the longest side of the fabric (measure in from both sides about 7", pin straps in place) You want the straps to be inside the fabric.

On the other long side, measure up 7" and pin one end of the 4" strap to the inside of the fabric. Do not pin the other end yet.

Sew around your fabric, sewing the straps and one end of the shorter strap. Make sure your opening to use to turn the fabric right side out is where you can then insert the other end of the 4" strap. So in other words, before you start sewing, measure up 7" on the other side and start sewing at that spot, leaving a 3" opening to turn your fabric right side out. Once it's turned right side out, insert the other end of the 4" strap into the opening, pin and sew. You can then continue sewing around the hole thing for a finished look.

You have one end that ties with straps:

The other end keeps the cover in place like this.

Sewing a cover like this it is also reversible. Just choose 2 designs of fabric.
Hence one project but two options for a cover!! Nice!!
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Rowberry Family said...

Way cute! I have been wanting to make a cover fot my flat screen computer, Maybe I should just have you do it!

Carly said...

Great idea! I was just thinking about making a sewing machine cover for my mom for Christmas. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! Too bad I'm such a stink at sewing. Maybe I'll do one for my mom for her birthday - her machine could use some love.

Anne said...

Great tutorial!! Can't have any naked sewing machines!!

I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:



Pamela said...

I have a cover for my bernina, but it is not cute like this one. I want to make this!!

Amy Jo said...

That looks great! I've been meaning to make a cover for my machine for a while now. It's very very dusty, poor thing. I've been wondering if a placemat would be the right size, but havn't actually held it up to see. One of these days! I like the idea someone else mentioned about making one as a Christmas present.

DIY Crush Blog said...

Hi there,
just wanted to let you know I love your tutorial and posted it on my blog: http://whimsycoutureboutique.blogspot.com/2009/09/sewing-machine-cover-handmade.html
Feel free to grab my button if you like!
Great job!

Ania ze Wzgórza said...

Hi! :)
I posted your tutorial on my blog too: http://mojezielonewzgorze.blogspot.com/2010/02/pokrowiec-na-maszyne-do-szycia.html

Thanks for sharing! :) Great blog! :)