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Friday, October 12, 2012

My Little Red Riding Hood and my Big Bad Wolf

I am happy to announce that 2 of my 3 costumes are ready for Halloween!

 I first bought a set of sweats at Walmart then found some fleece at Joann's to match and I made the little hat using this pattern.....and just added some ears to make it a wolf hat.  He will stay nice and warm. 
 To complete my Little Red Riding Hood I found the red dress at a thrift store for $3 and the cute white shirt for $1 at the same thrift store.  I made the Red Riding Hood cape using this pattern.  Add a cute basket and she is all set!
Stay tuned for my Princess Fairy Costume coming next week!


Haven Rock said...

Great ideas!

Stepfordska Supruga said...

cute and easy, just what i like the most. We'll be using this in February, when it's usual to wear costumes in my part of the world