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Friday, October 5, 2012

Edible Witch Pus Treats

Before you get all grossed out.........
it's pudding inside these witch cauldrons!!

Fun huh?  
Perfect little thing to take to a Witch Party!

Make up some Pistachio Pudding, pour it into the cauldrons and let them set up in the fridge.
Then add a cute little tag to each one and hand them out at a Halloween Party!
I was able to fill 4 mini cauldrons with 1 pkg of pudding mix.
I found the cauldrons at Zurchers Party Supply in town.

Now go eat some PUS!     *gross*

I am also handing out these little cuties at the same party.


Simone said...

What a great 'gross; halloween treat. My kids would love this will have to give it a try!

Makeiteasycrafts.blogspot.com said...

What a great party idea! Love it. :-)

Monica said...

This is such an amazing idea! I will have to remember this one!

tiffany lagrange said...

This is totally disgusting but also really cool. Of course the name is what brings it to the disgusting point! Great Halloween treat! http://www.craftinterrupted.com