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Monday, January 4, 2010

Full Year Card Organizer

It's time to refill my card organizer so I decided to share what works for me.  I have used this for several years now......I think it's time I make a cute fabric cover to make it pretty.......but until then this is what I use.

What you need: 3 ring binder, several pencil pockets with a zipper (found in the school supplies), a monthly template to write down dates of birthdays, stamps and and address list, clear page protectors and of course cards!

I simply put ready made cards in each pocket, fill out all the birthdays or other dates that I have to keep track of throughout the year, buy stamps and update my address list and put it all in the binder and I am all set for the year.  I make a few extra blank cards and put them in the front pocket for all those other extra times I need a card.  I believe in keeping oraganization simple and practical and of course usable.  Have fun!

**Since I did this a few years ago I couldn't find the same template I am using but here is another one that can work.


Rowberry Family said...

Thank you sooo Much for posting this, I really need this to keep me organized on remebering everyone bday and to actually send a card so they get it on time, what a great Idea!

Misty said...

This would TOTALLY work for me! It's simple and practical....it's going on my 'to do' list! Can't wait to make me one!

Ashlee said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! What a great idea! Surely if I make one of these I won't miss any birthdays! Thanks for the nice explanation of how you did yours.

Carlie Barrus said...

This is great! We use one in our family that's dressed up a bit- you can see it at http://creativehighs.blogspot.com -

your site is so great!