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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Easy Apple Crisp....personally portioned

Personal portion sized apple crisp....so fun and so easy!
Each Pyrex dish holds 1 large gala apple, sliced thin and add 2 T of orange juice to each one. In a separate bowl, take 2 cups granola and a couple of tsp of melted butter and about 1/4 cup of brown sugar and mix it all to together. Put some topping on each serving. Cook in the oven on 350* for about 4o minutes, or until apples are soft. Top with heavy cream or my favorite is vanilla ice cream! YUM! Happy Fall everyone!


Kathryn said...

great job with the boutiqe! and YUM for the applecrisp! it's making me want to head to the store right now for some granola ;)

Michie said...

This is a cute idea. It might even make a fun little "in a jar" kind of gift. Where did you get the cute little pyrex bowls?

nap time journal said...

For Michie:
THanks! These were given to me by my mom but I have seen the pyrex bowls at walmart either sold seperatly or in a set. Hope that helps!

Rowberry Family said...

looks yummy!