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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Year of Dates with your spouse: Gift Idea

With Valentines Day coming up this is the perfect gift idea for your husband!
I am sharing this idea with you now....even though this is what i gave my husband for Christmas for his Gift of Meaning.  I have committed myself and promised my husband that I will spend more time with him this year.

with 3 kids, a full time school-working husband, and life.....need I explain why time with him is scarce :)

And this gift is going to help make that happen!

 This is what I did to put this together:
**I took $100 and put together 12 sacks (one for each month) and I randomly filled each one with instructions for the date plus an item to go along with it.  Look below for ideas.
**I labeled sacks with HOME DATE (this is something that we can do after the kids are asleep for the night)
** I labeled sacks with BABYSITTER needed or with different instructions like SUMMER Date.

Below is the list of things that I put in each sack.

* Two $1.00 store puzzles to have a puzzle race.  Winner chooses their prize. (2 puzzles in sack)
*  UNO Tournament + make slushy drinks for dessert. ($5 bill for slushy ingredients in sack)
* Watch a movie on the couch-Wife Choice and make brownies.  (Box of brownie mix in the sack)
*Watch a movie on the couch- Husband Choice+Jamba Juice for dessert. (prepaid Jamba Juice card in sack)
*Nighttime Nerf Gun War in the backyard. (purchased mini Nerf guns in sack)  SUMMER DATE
*Watch home movies while sharing a Cold Stone Shake. (prepaid gift card to Cold Stone in sack)

* Go out to a movie.....(Prepaid movie gift card in sack)
* Anniversary Date.....This activity can be done after going out to dinner.  You each have $5, you have 15 minutes each to buy something for each other at the same store and those gifts are your anniversary presents for each other. ( two $5 bills in the sack)
*Out to dinner date + drive somewhere and talk. (prepaid gift card to a restaurant in the sack)
*Out to dinner date + a walk around our favorite park.  SUMMER DATE (prepaid gift card to a restaurant in the sack)
*Out to lunch after a morning hike up the canyon. SUMMER DATE  (prepaid gift card to Quizno's in sack)
* $1.00 store challenge.  5 minutes to buy something for the other person and then wrap them up and give them to each other.  This can be done after going to dinner or out to breakfast.  ($2.00 in sack)

With each sack filled with typed instruction for each date and labeled HOME date or BABYSITTER needed, I gathered them all up and put them into a very large gift bag.  This way they are all together and each month we can randomly pick from the sack.  

Now go and enjoy some alone time with your handsome husband!  
I know I will!!

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Michelle Johnnie said...

I need to make this!!!!! Valentines Day is coming. I am featuring this on Thursday at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com

The Copes said...

What a FANTASTIC idea!! Kudos!

KJoens said...

I love the IDEA!!

Lena said...

I gave my husband something similar last year too. Love your on-a-budget ideas!

Ruth said...

This is a great gift idea. It's a wonderful way to spend more time together.