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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Toddler Size towel bib that will fit any sized head!

Here is how I make my toddler size hand towel bibs. I found a 2 pk of hand towels at Target for $1.58 a pkg so I can make 4 bibs. Bias tape and 1/8 of a yard of fabric is enough for 2 bibs.

And what I mean by toddler size is explained in this next picture. There is a HUGE difference in the sizes of these bibs. And as we all know, when the kiddos are learning to feed themselves, food can find amazing places to hide. At least with hand towel bibs most of the towel lays in the lap to catch all that run away food. So here is what you do:
Fold towel in half. On folded side cut an opening like this. Try not to make it to big. Since these are not pull-over bibs you do not need a huge opening.

This is what it looks like when you unfold the towel:

Pin and sew your bias tape to the opening. (make sure to fold in the ends for a finished look.)

Take your 1/8 of a yard of fabric and fold in the sides like this. (remember that I am making 2 bibs...that is why there are two pictured.) Press with an iron.

Lay the pressed fabric on the towel, pin in place.

Fold in the sides and match it up with the end of the towel for a finished look.

Now you have something like this.

Sew the fabric to the towel by sewing a complete rectangle.....closing up all edges of the fabric.

Now for the closing of the bib: Cut a strip of Velcro and pin in place like this. Sew in place.

There you have it. All done. Simple and so practical. I like my bibs that are not pull over bibs because then I don't have to pull it over there heads and mess up there hair OR sometimes you have a kid with a big head and the whole is too small for it or you even have that kid that HATES having something pulled over their head. Not with these.

Happy bib making!


Amanda said...

Nice! I love how long they are. I will have to make some! Great idea! I have some scrap fabric I could use!

michellejohnnie said...

I've never heard of or seen such a thing! Very cool and practical. I think I will make my 2 yr old one of these for dinners like spaghetti, etc. Love the idea! I am linking to this!

Rowberry Family said...

great idea, so cute, when the kiddos are eating sometimes they almost need a tarp!

Angela said...

I just found your blog through One Pretty Thing...you've got lots of great stuff here! I know I'll be back often!

Jessica said...

Very nice! I made some bibs like these when I daughter was pulling off her Velcro-fastened bibs all the time. I used snaps on the neck of the towel bibs to make it a little harder to yank it off.

LiEr said...

Gasp! This is brilliant! A smock-bib thingy should cover all the parts of my children that food sneakily gets on. Thank you! Thank you for coming to visit and saying so, too! I hope your caterpillars don't turn out TOO gross. Love your quiet book AND your whole blog template. Very pretty, both! I shall come visit again!

Michelle said...

These are great! Now to learn how to sew, lol!

D said...

These are perfect! My cousin's 4 year old daughter was in a near fatal accident and is now brain damaged/re-learning everything. These bibs will be perfect for her. Thank you!

Melissa said...

I love this! I made one and I's featuring you on my blog. Check it out and pick up a feature button if you like


Elaine said...

Thank you for sharing how you made these towel bibs. I just loved the idea and made several for my 2 year old son who cannot stand to get dirty. He didn't like the small bibs and the ones that are pulled over the head so I wasn't sure how he would like these, but after making one, he wore it the whole day and still wears them for every meal. Thanks again for sharing!