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Monday, April 6, 2009

Bacon Carbonara Linguine Alfredo

I had tried a wonderful homemade linguine carbonara recipe a while back...loved it.....but just wanted something faster and so I decided to make up my own version. So here it is. My husband and I loved the bacon in it and I loved how fast it came together.
What you need:
16 oz pkg of linguine noodles, jar of your favorite alfredo sauce, 1/2 pkg of bacon, oregano and basil (dried), and a veggie of course to serve with it!
crisp up the bacon- (only 1/2 the pkg) , partially freeze it so it's easier to cut in pieces

rinse off the fat and add bacon to the alfredo sauce in a sauce pan, add a dash of dried oregano and basil to the sauce, heat until warm.

cook noodles according to pkg, add the sauce to warm noodles

dish up and enjoy!
Oh you may want to cook your veggie at the same time so it's all done together :)

money saving tip:
use 1/2 the pkg of bacon-freeze the rest
and I was able to get 2 husband sized dinners, 2 wife sized dinners and
1 kid sized dinner out of this amount = enough for 2 nights worth of meals!

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Pistolmom said...

Yummy! I have got to try this!!! Thanks for sharing and I love your ideas.