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Monday, July 6, 2009

Easy Counting Game

Need a different counting game that your child could assemble themselves or just something to keep them busy? Here is a very easy and simple counting game that is also a great coordination tool as well.
What you need: 11 index cards, 55 paper clips and something to write with.
(take note that this game is best suitable for the child who would not put paper clips in their months)
How to make: Write the numbers 0 - 10 on your index cards. Then paper clip the same number of paper clips to the card.
There you have it!!


Foust Family said...

That's a great idea! You could even use clothespins or something bigger that would not be such a choking worry for those kids! :) Great website, I love the ideas!

nap time journal said...

Clothespins....even a better idea!! Thanks :)

schmobes said...

Great idea! So simple!

Sara said...

Good idea. I always used clothespins in my kindergarten class, but never thought about paperclips! This also helps with their fine motor skills and manipulating small objects.

Le said...

Excelent idea! In my blog I post a link. Thanks.