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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's day Lunch 2012 Recap

My Mother's Day Luncheon was a fantastic event.
I had such fun putting it all together.
Here are the photos of the flowers and food as promised from my 
I tutorial for the cute wooden picket fence is coming soon!

 TIN CAN Flowers:  I wrapped soup cans with cute brown paper and tied them with ribbon.  I planted flowers in each of them and used them not only for the table decor but each lady took one home along with there gift bag.
 More fresh flowers were used on the food table
I made flower corsages for each lady to wear.  I placed them on their plates at the start of lunch.
The Food Table:

 Chinese Chicken Oriental Salad was the main dish.
Homemade Cheese cake was for dessert. (forgot to take a picture.....it was delish!)
 After lunch I hand delivered each one their gift bag.  They were super excited and felt extra special.  
My favorite part about this wonderful afternoon was listening to the conversations about special memories about each one's mother or other important woman in their lives.
I am grateful to have had my mom, mother in law, a grandma, an aunt and a sister in law there.  Each one represented a special person in my life.  I am grateful to all of the woman in my life and so wish I could have had them all there.
I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

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1 comment:

Tausha said...

What a darling party that you put on. I love all the little details, but I really love the flowers in the tin cans. So cute and clever! I am sure that everyone loved your party. Thanks so much for eye candy!

Have a happy, happy weekend!