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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ramen Noodle Burritos

Ramen Noodles.......you know you make them.  
You might even eat them too.
Ok, it's personal confession time for me.  I make them for my kids and I even make them for myself once in a while. Especially now that I am on light bed rest.  
The one thing I HATE the most about them is how messy and sticky they can be when your kids are dropping them all over the floor or they were sticking to their clothes eating them.  My solution to that was to wrap them up in a tortilla that had been warmed up with some cheese, just to contain the mess.  And you know something, they taste even better this way and I do not have to pick them up off the floor (or leave them for a day and then vacuum them up later).  Serve them up with a side of cottage cheese or some veggies and your not so healthy lunch or dinner will not make you feel as guilty.   

**to make them all you do is cook them for the 3 minutes, drain out all of the water, add seasoning mix and your ready to add to a tortilla!!


Heather@Simply Mommy said...

My kids love Ramen Noodles! I'll eat the chicken ones myself occasionally. I use a little of the chicken seasoning and add shreaded cheese though...Wrapping them up is a great idea! I've never tried them that way :0)

Kirsten @ Mushki Loves said...

My Princess loves them! This is something I have to try!

Kim from Maiden D'Shade said...

Gonna have to try this! We always have ramen noodles, tortillas and cheese on hand! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

I craved ramen when I was first pregnant!! Haha!

Confession...i have never given my kids ramen. I rarely buy it!