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Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Day Advent

Take a over the door shoe holder and turn it into a
Valentine's Day Advent Calendar!
I found the little cards at the scrapbook store, cut them out, added the numbers with stickers I already had and then I laminated them.
And there you have it, a fun countdown to Valentine's Day!
 My husband and I write a little note each day to each of our kids and then to each other and then everyday I will put a little treat or token with each note in the pocket for them to pull out!  Just a fun way to celebrate the love we have as a family and as a couple!

I used this same method for my Christmas Advent.
Check it out here.
Thank you to this blog for the inspiration!


Jen@eighteen25 said...

i love it!! i'd be making myself one except my husband stole my shoe organizer and filled it with shoes of all things! rude!! :) thanks so much for sharing with us! have fun counting down the days.
jen :)

Deanna said...

Love this idea! So easy and cute and perfect for Valentine treats each day, too!