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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Countdown begins......my new advent

 This was the fastest advent I have been able to put together!! So simple and fun. The great thing is I can change it up for different Holidays. 
Here is what you need:
Over the door shoe holder with 24 pockets (found mine at Target)
A piece of scrapbook paper with advent numbers ( I saw several different designs at my local scrapbook store) I cut mine out and HARD laminated the numbers so I can use them over and over.
 Then I bought 2 packages of mini office clips (found mine at Wal-mart for $0.88 a box) and then tied different ribbons to them.  You use these to hold the numbers.
 Now for the hard part.....coming up with 24 different things to do during the month of December. 
I LOVE THE POCKETS!!!  They are big enough to hold fun things.....like if you are going to make cookies one night the package of chocolate chips fits in the pocket!!!
 We are doing all shorts of different things throughout the month:
make cookies, see the Lights on Temple Square, painting pictures, make a reindeer sock puppet, daddy's birthday party, watch a Christmas movie, read a Christmas story, put up the tree and put out the nativity......
Some nights the kiddies will get a small item like an apron to use throughout the month for when we do cooking, or a Christmas matching game.  I found most of my items at Michael's and the dollar store. 
 I am so glad that I stumbled across this idea HERE.
I am off to go fill up all those empty pockets!!  (chuckle chuckle)


Gosfam said...

What a fun idea!! Thank you for sharing...maybe I still have time to get it all together :)

Sassy Sites! said...

So cute! I would love for you to link this up to our Sassy Sites Christmas party... advent calendars!! :)

Lori said...

This is terrific! We love advent calendars at our house and even though its so close to Christmas I am going to make this one this week. I plan to use it for the last week and it will be ready to use next year! Thank you!

Our Family said...

Why do I have to find great ideas when it is too late?! Thanks for sharing. I think we will use this idea to count down to other holidays and special events. Great idea!

Amy said...

Wow! Fantastic idea! We do activities each day for advent too, but we just have a little slip of paper telling what the activity is...I love the idea of having little gifts too! I just may have to steal that...:) Would you please share this at my holiday party? Pleeease?