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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fashionable magnet board and magnets!!

Take the traditional popular magnet board and dress it up a bit.
It also makes for great home decor that is practical and functional.

This is the one I just had to make for myself......after making one for my mom for her birthday. 
I love how they both turned out.
I found this fabric last summer at Ikea. I used a left over piece of fabric that I had to cover my board. 
Here is the board I made for my mom for her birthday.
Again, this fabric was leftover from a previous project. 
I had just enough for this and it was just so perfect for my mom.  She has already hung it up in her kitchen!!
And this is why it was so perfect for her. 
 I printed out pictures of her grandkids and gave her a great way to show off the kids she loves so much :)
I even made personalized magnets for her, with the names of all the grandkids.

Lowes for the sheet metal $6
fabric - home decor or thicker fabric works best
letter stamps: Harbor Freight
hot glue gun to glue fabric to the sheet metal



Great Idea!! I love it! Way to go at the magnets with the names, I just got stamp sets the other day to make washer necklaces! soo many possibilities!!!

Decomom said...

I think this is soo cute and very do-able! Thanks for sharing!

Leanne said...

I love that Ikea fabric. I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday link party this week. I would love it if you could come join the party.

Carolyn said...

I have given you an award! Please check my blog on Friday to see it and all it pertains. Have a wonderful day!


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I love these magnet boards!! So cute..they are now on my 'to-try' list!! Thanks for sharing!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Love the material!

FrouFrouBritches said...

That is precious!!! I love the fabric too! I need an IKEA!

Leanne said...

Thanks for sharing your magnetic boards at We're Organized Wednesday.

Elizabeth said...

Love it! :) The fabrics are great. :)

I have a huge magnet board, well not huge, but it was meant for an office - wondering if I can recover that, too....hmmmm

THanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I love your fabric! Come link up at PonyTails&FishScales today...


Tauni said...

Loving this magnet board. Thanks for the supply list and directions! I am totally going to try this.

Ginger said...

I love it! We have made these using scrapbook paper. I think the fabric would be much more durable, and no seams!