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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Girls Camp Ideas and Thoughts

Our girls camp this year was "Go for the Gold!" It was centered around VIRTUE the new value that has been added to the Young Women Theme. Here are the thoughts I put together for each young women in my ward. We had them make mailboxes the first day and then everyday throughout camp we as leaders would place these thoughts in their mailboxes. The girls LOVED getting these things and it worked out great.
Here are the items and the thought that I tied to each item.
Pkg of Gold fish: A virtuous woman put forth effort in order to get things done.
travel sewing kit: A virtuous woman relies on the Lord to mend her broken heart.
Temple sticker: A virtuous woman is loyal and sticks to what she knows to be right.
Chocolate candies: A virtuous woman always seeks out the sweet things in life.
ring: A virtuous woman is worthy to enter the Temple.
gold star: A virtuous woman has a twinkle in her eye.
whistle: A virtuous woman knows when to stay in control of her thoughts and actions.
nail files: A virtuous woman files away anything good and lovely.
clip: A virtuous woman will hold on to her purity and lives a chase life.
lip gloss: A virtuous woman knows when to speak kind, clean and honorable words from her lips.
Mormon ads: A virtuous woman can be trusted and held accountable for her actions.
toothbrush: A virtuous woman always keeps her thoughts and words clean.
rose flower sucker: A virtuous woman grows in the knowledge of the gospel.


The Gosfam said...

First off I love your background!! Also I love your ideas. I am not in YW, but if I was I would steal them all :) I will save them for the future.

Amanda said...

What a fun idea!!!! Great job!

Rowberry Family said...

Great ideas, I bet they loved them and looked forward to what they might receive the next day!