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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Easy File Folder Games and more...

I LOVE the teacher supply store!! There are sooooo many possibilities there for so many different things. And you don't have to be a teacher to make the things usable for you or your kids. I found these 2 posters and turned them into several things, including file folder games for my kids. Super cute and very inexpensive.

I also found a very old calendar that I had laying around my house from several years ago (don't ask me why I had saved it in the first place but for this it was great??) and I turned that into a file folder game as well.

Here they are: 4 different games. Laminated and ready for use.

With the left over objects from the posters I made a game for the kids. They can close their eyes, reach into the bag and draw a color, then they have 15 seconds to run and find something in that color. (this can be played in the house, or out in the yard or this would even work in the car) This teaches them so many good things about colors and objects and it's fun too.

For the other left over pieces of the other poster I cut out the words and laminated them. I LOVE this Poster Putty!!! Works great when you can't put up permanent things on your walls. I also used this putty to decorate my kids bathroom!

And in my daughters room, I have made a learning station for her. This alphabet poster was also a great find at the teacher supply store!! How fun is that!!

So 2 posters, costing $3 made 4 file folder games, 1 game and a learning station. Not bad if I say so myself. I'll be visiting the teacher supply store more often for ideas and projects!!


Froggie said...

Love, love, Loooovee this idea! I made many file folder games for my youngest son when he was little. They are awesome to take along on trips to the doctor, etc. I never thought of cutting a picture in half to match up though. What a great idea! Thanks! I'll be making more now that I have a granddaughter.

Room Mom 101 said...

I just came across your blog and love it! So...I have nominated you for an award! Go to my blog at www.room-mom101.blogspot.com to receive your award. Keep up the great blogging!

Diane said...

LOVE this idea too! You are so inspired! I love everything you do! Thanks for sharing all your ideas! :) (and it's cool... I keep old calendars among other random things too.) haha.

Nia said...

You can get free printable file folder games at www.filefolderfarm.com