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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter dinner Ideas

I know Easter is over now but here is what I did for my dinner and maybe you can take an idea or two and use it for a different themed party or dinner.
These are just some of the things I used while preparing a cake and an Easter ham:
I made these for a few ladies at my church.
They are jars from Ikea that I filled with Easter candy and stamped
a note and adhered it to the lid of the jar.
Here are the birthday cakes I made for the party. I thought they turned out great.

According to my husband, Easter dinner is not Easter dinner if there is no Ham!

And here was some of the Easter feast. Thanks to family I didn't have to do all the cooking.
We had rolls, veggie platter, green salad, corn, our family jello, ham, sour cream potatoes, cake and ice cream and pineapple.....I hope I didn't forget to eat anything :)

I like simple and cheap (let me just call it how it was) -
dollar store table clothes, Easter grass, plastic eggs and mini paper muffin
tins filled with jelly beans,
It was a cute table decoration for cheap!!

I hope you all had a great Easter celebration.

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Launi said...

Love your little Ikea jars idea. That would be so perfect for Visiting Teaching too. I picked up a few sets of these in the summer and I haven't done anything with them yet. Thanks for the great idea!