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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Envelopes: The Tutorial

I first posted these Valentine's Day Envelopes for my family in This Post a few days ago.
I have since had a few emails asking me for a tutorial, so here it is:

Here is what you need: 1 sheet of stiff felt for each envelope (hobby lobby), some fabric ( 1/4 yard is great for 2 envelopes), ribbon, sewing machine and thread, heat n bond for letters is optional.

First, make a lid shape.  I simply folded a piece of paper the shape I wanted.  Trace around the lid shape on to your fabric that is folded right sides together.

 After you trace them onto your fabric, pin the fabric.  You are going to now get ready to sew.
 Make sure to mark an opening.... you will not sew in between these markings.  This is so you can turn your fabric inside out.  
 Sew right on top of the lines....this way your envelope lid is the exact size you need it to be!  Just make sure to leave an opening. Cut out your lid.
 Turn your lid inside out so your fabric is right sides out.  Press with an iron.  Now would be a good time to add any embellishments that you want....name or letter using heat n bond. You will now sew all around the lid part. 

  Once you have that sewn (look closely), you can now pin the lid to your stiff felt like this below.

 Sew 2 lines....one on the bottom and then one towards the top of your felt.  This gives it a nice finished look.
 To add ribbon, pin it like below.  I cut my ribbon to around 24".   Sew the ribbon in place; back stitching a few times.

 I then cut out a couple of small squares of felt scraps and sewed them the the backs for a nice finished look.  I then folded up my stiff felt and I sewed up along the 2 sides like pictured.  

There you have it, all finished!

 I hope that helps those of you who wanted to make some!

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Danielle said...

These are adorable! Most envelopes I've seen lately are made of paper, but I'd think they would tear easily. I love the fabric here! I'm a new follower - found you over at Tatertots and Jello's link up party! Have a great weekend!