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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mustache and Lips Photo Booth

I held a fun birthday party for my now 5 year old daughter a couple of weeks ago.
The favorite part of this one hour party was the photo booth.
Below are just some of the fun pictures I took at the party of the kids:

 Here is how  my photo booth was set up for picture taking:
A hung a fun piece of fabric on the wall and the kids sat on the stool.  And because it was outside in my carport I didn't need any extra lighting and believe it or not I just used my point and shoot camera. 
I grabbed a couple of my hubby's hats and we were all set.
 Even the moms had to take a turn having a picture taken.
I found the mustaches and lips in this ETSY SHOP
They were fabulous!!!! 
I just printed out as as many as I needed and taped them 
onto skewer sticks.
When the party was over I let each kid take home a couple for themselves.
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Play Eat Grow said...

That is so fun! I'll definitely have to keep this in mind as my son gets older. And it's nice to know the booth doesn't need to be fancy to work!