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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cupcakes to go......party tip

My daughter had a birthday last week and for her birthday party with friends I made these fun cupcakes to go.  Since the invited guests were all age 5 and under these were the perfect take home party token. And I didn't have to clean up the mess :)
I made them using a cake mix, frosting the top and added sprinkles.
 And because we had both boy and girls at the party I topped them off with these fun accessories.
I found the Hello Kitty rings on Ebay and the skateboards at Walmart in the party section.
We did a fun photo booth at her party that I will be posting next week
so make sure to check back!
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Miss Kitty said...

That is a REALLY great idea of how to package up cupcakes to "travel". Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Your cupcakes are really cute and I know the kids loved having the fun toy on top...that's a great idea also. I saw your post over at "Blue Cricket Design".