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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photo Book.....Gift of meaning 2011

 Take a look inside my daughters Gift of Meaning for this year:

 What almost 5 year old would not love a picture book of pictures full of themselves with the people that they love the most?!  Believe me, mine will love this I am sure.  She not only is a lover of books, but loves pictures too.
 The hardest part of putting this together was going through 5 years of pictures.  whew, it was hard but I did it. I had this made at Wal Mart dot com and it only took 2 days to get here....delivered right to my front door.  Perfect!!
(I could not get this done any sooner for I wanted pictures of her with her new baby brother inside. So I appreciated how fast it came.)
 I also love how you can personalize it with fun notes inside too.  

Hurry up, you only have 11 days until Christmas.   
Are you ready? 

 I am!!

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