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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dutch Oven Potatoes

I LOVE to dutch oven! 
With the birth of my 2 real babies, these babies dutch ovens have not been used as often as I used to use them.  So I wipped them out and made something yummy inside them. :)

First: warm up your seasoned dutch oven
Then cook onions, green pepper and garlic until soft.
Then add meat.  I used little smokies
Then comes 2 pkgs of Cubed Hashbrowns. (Shredded does not turn out as good)
Then pour 1 can of Sprite into the mix, stir (do not use diet...has to be the real stuff)
Season with salt and pepper
Then it's time to put the lid on, add some heat to the top and let it do it's thing for about 30minutes.
In the meantime, scramble some eggs in another dutch oven
Ohhhhh, what could be better then this when you lift up the lid?!?!
spirinkle some cheese on top and replace the lid for 5 minutes and you
will find this beauty when it's done!


Sam said...

Looks tasty! We just got a dutch oven, I'll have to try it, thanks!! :) We should get together soon! Love you!

Jessica said...

That looks so good! I'm starving... now I have to go buy a dutch oven, I've actually never used one.


Melissa said...

OOooh, Yes Please! Definietly going to try this one on the next camping trip!

Steph-a-doodle-doo said...

As an offical taster of these YUMMY hot breakfast dishes made by the author of this blog.... I give them both a 10! We loved them!!!