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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eat healthier

Everyday, in our house, we live with Type 1 diabetes.  This is different then type 2 diabetes.  There is NO cure for Type 1.  The most important thing I have learned while living with diabetes is that you must educate yourself on what you eat.  Everything that we put in our mouth effects blood sugar.  Do you know what you are eating?  I sure thought I did.....a year ago, but that has changed.

The Mr in the house is the one that "has" diabetes.  He was diagnosed with it over 8 years ago.  We have been married for over 5 years and so I live with it too.  Because I am the one that does the cooking I really had to change a few things.  Frankly, I needed the help too because I needed to loose some weight.  I made most of these small changes last year and I have really learned a lot by doing it.  They are simple, really.  But the side effects have been HUGE!!!!!   My husbands A1C dropped to a healthy range and I lost 50 pounds. (I only gained 10 pounds during my recent pregnancy)  Here are a few things you can do now, whether you have to make a change because of a medical issue or not, to live a healthier life through food.

First, drink more water!!
Second, have a good breakfast.  Me and the Mr are not big breakfast eaters so I make protein shakes and then freeze them.  This way they are ready for those mornings we are rushing off to school, or work or to doctor apts.

LOVE this stuff!!
We also LOVE tortillas in our house.  These are my FAVORITE!!!! 
They truly are good and the kids eat them too.
 I also make Breakfast burritos as well and freeze them.
(the 19 is how many carbs is in one burrito and the 1 unit is so my husband knows
how much insulin to take.  I do this with everything)

Get a scale, get 3 or more sets of measuring cups and measure all your food.  One, this will really teach you what a portion really is and second it cuts your food bill drastically because you can make 2 or 3 nights worth of meals out of one..  Who doesn't want that?  less cooking :)
Fourth, Learn how to cook.
I have always loved cooking.  I have cooked a lot. 
I have learned how to do it more healthy and I really enjoy it. 
Keep it simple and easy and it's amazing how good it tastes.

(chicken wrap) 
(egg salad sandwich)
I grew up in a house where you ate everything no matter if you were full or not.  I don't believe in that so I don't do that with my kids.  But I do believe in no sweets until you have eaten something substantial.  It's important to fill up on the good stuff before filling up on the juck stuff. 
( If you don't buy the junk stuff your kids won't eat it ) 

If you have respect for food it will respect you in return.

.......that reminds me.....I have a brownie waiting for me in the kitchen  (smile) 


Christina said...

Freezing the smoothies ahead of time is a really good idea! What do you put inside your breakfast burritos? Mine always end up soggy...

Jake and Lena B. said...

This is a fabulous post. It really hit me since I have gained 75lbs after my 2nd baby!! So I've been struggling with losing the weight. Your ideas are so great! Could you share some healthy dinner recipes and what do you eat for snacks?? Love your blog!!!

Anji* said...

A great post.. some great ideas. This is pretty much how we eat too - water, plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and homecooked meals - you can't go wrong!

Beach Hendersons said...

How do you make your smoothies? I need the whey protein so bad, but I hate the taste. I haven't been able to make it in a way were it is really and truly disguised?

Jana said...

Thanks for this post. My 7 year old has type 1. I love that you said you live with it too! Isn't it crazy how you can eye anything now and give a pretty close carb count? Great post!!

Kristy said...

Thanks for this! My husband has had T1 since he was 13 and our little boy (2) was diagnosed in April. I'm always looking for ways to make things easier for all of us. These are some great suggestions!

Dana said...

Please share your recipies. My 11 yr.old is Type 1 as well. It's not a fun lifestlye at times.

Cool recipies would be very helpful. I would love the smoothie one as well.

Thanks for this post

Anonymous said...

great tips! I have to admit that I'm struggling to drink more water.

Karin Marie said...

Oh man this is an awesome post! My my husband has type one too since he was 12, & his grandmother had it too but sadly past away from it (when my FIL was 5-they use to use the same needles over and over again =( I need to start doing this with my husband because he is a candy/soda junky and I hate soda, and need to start making better meals! I totally agree with, filling up with the good stuff before the junk food! but i do have a weakness every now n again. My fear is one of our daughters getting type 1 diabeties because I have a huge fear of needles I hate them. But Im always there for my husband when he needs me with the high & low episodes =/ which when those happen I wish I could trade places with him and give him my pancreas. But im gonna try your frozen smoothies and burritos!

karin marie :)