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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last minute Halloween Ideas

Hi everyone! There were sooooo many things I wanted to do this year for Halloween but between my extreme morning sickness that lasts 24 hours a day, a really bad sinus infection that has now gone on for almost 2 weeks and not to mention getting ready to move in a couple of weeks all of my crafty time has taken the back seat. BUT no worries! Here are a few pictures I pulled out of storage from last year's Halloween. Hope this sparks some last minute help for any of you!

Frankenstein Cards: notice the boy and girl versions. Circle punches and a scallop punch is what I used for the eyes.

Little Witch Tutu: I used some fun fabric instead of tulle and it turned out super cute!

Mini Carmel Apples: Use a melon scoop to scoop out 8 balls from a large apple. Then dip in Carmel. yum yum.


Rowberry Family said...

those cards are super cute, I remeber getting one from you last year! I loved the tutu and what a great idea to use the fabric instead of the tule oh and those carmel apples look delish I wish i could eat them!

crissy said...

Cute ideas, I love tu-tus!
Hope your move goes well.
And congrats on the pregnancy! New babies are so wonderful.

Amanda Pedro said...

thanks for the last minute ideas. the cards were perfect for our crafting today. Nothing like bits of paper everywhere and gluey fingers. And I want some of those apples! Put caramel candies on my list tomorrow.

Mama Kat said...

That witch tutu is to die for!!

Pistolmom said...

I love the Tutu and the apples...YUM!

Alexa said...

Your projects turned out soo cute! I love handmade cards...such a personal touch! Feel free to link them up at my Terrorific Tuesday blog hop! http://swelldesigner.blogspot.com/2011/10/terrorific-tuesday-blog-hop-time.html