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Thursday, April 16, 2009

English muffin pizzas

This is a great lunch for the kiddos and something that is easy and fast. Here is what you need:
first, cut muffins in half and put a spoonful of sauce on each half.
I line my pan with tin foil for easy cleanup.

Top with cheese

Then add, whatever toppings your kids like. Mine are only cheese and pepperoni fans at the the moment but you could add others like these: ham, pineapple, olives, bacon, peppers, mushrooms.

I place the pepperoni on top so it gets crisp.

place them under the broiler for only a few minutes.....watch them they cook fast!
In less then 10 minutes you have an easy and yummy meal and a much healthier pizza.


Amanda said...

We used to make these all time growing up...they are easy and yummy! Did the kids like them?

Pistolmom said...

Always a classic! Remember them as kids :)

Rowberry Family said...

We love makingthise and macy loves them also!