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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter Dinner Invitations

Here are some easy and fun invitations that you can make for that dinner or party you will be having.

This is what you will need:

egg template (hand drawn or google it)

double sided scrapbook paper


scallop punch

First you will need to trace the egg shape onto the back side of your paper.

Now cut them out.

This is why I used double sided paper so both sides are colorful !

I printed out everyone names onto card stock who will be invited to dinner and punched the names out with my scallop punch.

I also typed out the invitation with date and time and place to fit inside the shape of the egg. I then put my egg template under the paper and traced it's outline so I knew where to cut. I then glued that to the back side of the egg.

And this is how I chose to complete them. I cut off the extra scallop and added a paper flower to the front of the egg.

There you have it, easy and cute invitations for your family and friends!

Happy Easter!


Jennifer said...

Hi. I noticed you had the same name as my blog (thenaptimejournal.blogspot.com) and I was wondering, since you have been on since march and I created my blog in february, if you would consider changing the name of your blog. I am not sure if you saw my blog first or if you came up with your name on your own, but i thought about my name for awhile. I am usually not worried over things like this, but it is a little strange that we have the exact same blog name. thanks.

nap time journal said...

sorry for choosing the same name as yours. All I can say is we are both creative. And yes I did come up with it on my own one afternoon with no prior searching. All I can say is I plan on leaving it. It's just bound to happen again with another name with someone else. That is just what happens when there are all of us doing what we love to do on the internet. Have a blessed day!

Jennifer said...

You're right! Thanks for the consideration. And I really do enjoy your blog. You're crafty. : )

JT42 said...

what a catchy blog address!!

found your blog through tip junkie...what a great idea...i may be 'stalking' your blog for
future ideas :D if you don't mind of course ;)
Happy Easter!

Omniscient said...

Awesome Easter Party Invitation . I can use them for my Easter party. Thanks for sharing.